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The Application Protocol Information Base
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Joshua Lubell
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Building 220, Room A127
Gaithersburg MD 20899 USA
- NIST Technical Report: NISTIR 5868


The Application Protocol Information Base (APIB) is an on-line repository of documents for the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (STEP, officially ISO 10303--Product Data Representation and Exchange). Document types in the APIB include STEP Application Protocols and Integrated Resources. Application Protocols are standards that are intended to be implemented in software systems, and Integrated Resources are used by them as building blocks. Application Protocols and Integrated Resources are represented in the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) in the APIB in order to facilitate efficient information search and retrieval. This paper describes a World Wide Web gateway to the APIB, implemented using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) standard. The APIB gateway allows STEP developers to efficiently search for ISO 10303 standards and supporting information. The only client software required to use the APIB gateway is a third party web browser.

Keywords: CGI; World Wide Web; STEP; SGML; Application Protocol; Integrated Resource; text retrieval; HTML; Tcl

Josh Lubell
Mon Sep 30 15:19:35 EDT 1996