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The XSLToolbox is a collection of tools whose purpose is to make it easier for XML (Extensible Markup Language) applications to talk to one another. This collection currently includes APEX, an application for transforming XML documents as specified by architectural forms, and ATTS, a stylesheet generator for adding default attribute values to XML documents. The XSLToolbox is so named because it reduces the need for XML developers to write XSLT (Extensible Style Language Transformations). The tools themselves happen for the most part to be written in XSLT as well.

You may want to read this paper prior to using APEX.

The XSLToolbox is produced by NIST's Manufacturing Systems Integration Division.

What's New

June 2002
  • Ant build files provided for running examples.

  • Application customizing the XML syntax for ReportLab's “PythonPoint” tool added to APEX examples.

  • XSLToolbox web pages receive a facelift.

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